Hi, welcome to my website!

My name is Alessia

...and I am an Italian translator, working on content originally produced in English and French.

I hold two degrees (BA and MA) in Translation, and since 2022, I have been making a living by translating your texts into splendid Italian!

Apart from that, I enjoy reading fiction – hand me a fantasy or romance book, and you'll make me happy! – watching TV shows, and taking a stroll or trekking with my partner.

I love gardening: in 2023 I planted and grew rocket/arugula and radish seeds! This year, it's going to be basil and tomatoes. And I just can't resist the charm of interior plants, either.

When I am not translating, you will most definitely find me marching, listening to rock music, enjoying a book or cooking. And sometimes, it can be two of those activities at a time.

My passion for languages led me to leave the place I was born and raised, on the beautiful island of Sicily (Italy), to continue my journey in the French Provence. This is a place I have learned to call home over the years.

Living in a francophone setting has taught me a lot in terms of slang, cultural references, and tradition. That is why I might consider accepting translations from Italian into French (only if I have a native proofreader I can submit my translation to at that moment).

«All I need is a sheet of paper and something to write with, and then I can turn the world upside down.»

- Friedrich Nietzsche

I truly believe in the power of words; that's why I love working with languages. Every culture has its own way of expressing itself, which makes translation the necessary bridge linking two different worlds.

I can help you reach your Italian audience in a seamless, consistent, and efficient way.

If you want to learn more about what I can do for you, feel free to contact me!